Designing and implementing communications technology for:
  • Residential and commercial developers.
  • Small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Business and educational campuses.
  • Telephone (LEC/CLEC/IXC/ISP) and CATV companies.

Current and Recent Projects:

Yazaki North America Headquarters Building, Plymouth, Michigan

  • A multi-building campus, new headquarters building.
  • Copper/fiber distribution system design and installation.
  • New PBX, 4000-plus lines with Unified Messaging.
  • Fiber to the desk.
  • Gigabit Ethernet backbone.
  • International data/video network interconnecting sites in Japan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the US.

Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California

An 1100-acre development planned for 12000 residential units and 6 million-sq. ft. of commercial space.
Developed the strategic plan to replace the incumbent LEC and CATV company with a "next generation" telecommunications platform for voice, data, Internet, and video services.

  • Design and build copper/fiber network.
  • Lucent 5E central office.
  • Gigabit Ethernet campus backbone network.
  • 100 MBPS Ethernet connectivity to the home.
  • Fiber to the home.
  • DBS video to the home featuring DirecTV.

LA Media Tech Center, Glendale, California

A 13 Building commercial campus.

  • Design an interbuilding, "vendor neutral" copper/fiber distribution network throughout the campus.
  • Contract cable management company to provision and sell access services to CLECs, LECs, and IXCs.

Ave Maria School of Law, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A new institution of higher education.

  • Design and build a turnkey telecommunications system to accommodate the current and future needs of the institution.
  • Design and install in-building cable system.
  • Select and install PBX with voice mail.
  • Provide local, long distance, and Internet access services.
  • Project management.

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan

  • Design a campus backbone (duct/manhole and fiber distribution network) to interconnect all of Ford's 50+ buildings in Dearborn onto a private network.

Michigan Statewide Broadband Network for Education and State Government

  • Identify and define service capabilities of the private and public telecommunications providers within the state.
  • Develop feasibility study and cost models to create a statewide, broadband network for education, government, libraries, and rural healthcare.